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As I said, it was about fun and not about photos, but…I still managed a few. Sites were so crowded it was next to impossible to take anything. My Nikon d500 started to slow down. Very worrying. It was all down to a Fujifilm card, my camera doesn’t like fujifilm!

 The trip through Yucatan was organized by GAdventures, through Trailfinders.

Praya del Carmen is very colorful with a touch of the Spanish Costa del Sol. 

Chichen Itza the most famous of the Mayan sites, was beautiful but full of noisy stalls. Almost impossible to photograph.If carrying a tripod a charge of up to US$ 100 may apply.

Merida, The White City, we voted the most beautiful colonial town in Yucatan. Beautiful buildings, love-seats, parks, elegant carts, murals. Every Monday evening traditional dancing takes place in the main square. Be there by 8 p.m to grab a seat. 

Uxmal and Talun Ruins provided a relaxing visit. Very few tourists.

Palenque, with the Temple of the Cross Mayan Ruins and the local superb Mayan Museum of Anthropology, was a wonderful stop in the jungle. Howling Monkeys in the morning, folk group playing at night. 

San Cristobal de las Casas is home to Chiapas Indigenous Zapatistas one of the many “ forgotten tribes “ of this world. The town is full of fun, restaurants, bistros, cafes, boutiques, tequila, guacamole, dancing, and people, people, people!



Mayan’s history and pyramids are fascinating. They used to wrap babies head with pieces of wood to flatten the skull. So now you know why Mayans have a funny square head.

Textiles are very colorful. Variations in the shades of color found in the natural dyes are due to the full moon that acts on underground water as it does on sea waters. The upsurge in water increases the pigmentation in the plant. 


  • Earthquake damage very visible.
  • Watch where you walk, potholes and subsiding are a problem.
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