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That’s where I got hooked! And squandered the children’s inheritance!

I decided that it was time to leave Asia behind and explore Africa. Under pressure from my son to buy a decent camera, I squandered on a Canon Powershot. He lived to regret it! He was

teaching photography to a client holidaying at the lodge. Is that what was going on while I was paying a mortgage and rearing children?? Holidays, lessons, photography….

AFRICA EXCLUSIVE organized the safari in Samburu and in the Mara, Kenya.

Samburu is close to the Buffalo Spring National Reserves, in Kenya’s Northern Frontier District. Mountains, river, warriors, dances, colors, beaded hair, elephants, goats, markets, farmers.

Maasai Mara is where you experience the 8th wonder of the world i.e  “ The Migration” which had long been on my Agenda. The energy, the drama, the adrenaline, the noise, the animals’ scrambling to safety make it all very emotional. It is an event that nobody should miss.


Very few girls get educated as the family tends to sell them off as soon as possible. The less clever boy is kept in education while the brightest are kept on the farm. 

Local people used to suffer from Locked Jaw and it is tradition to extract the two front teeth to allow feeding through the gap. The younger generation now wants to do away with missing teeth, long worrier hair, uneducated wives, mud huts!


Samburu, Sasaab Lodge, an award-winning camp

 Maara, can’t remember but with AFRICA EXCLUSIVE   you can't go wrong.





  • When going to Africa it is important to research what exactly you want to see. 
  • Seasons are very important in the world of wildlife.
  • Lodging with good water, good vehicle, good spotters would make a difference to a trip
  • Blue and grey flags are soaked in Tze Tze fly repellant. Those flies are day born.
  • Most lodges provide a range of repellents with and without DEET plus sunblocks.
  • Bring crisp US$ bank notes for tipping. Also, check  Bank notes issue dates as some dates are not accepted in some African country.
  • Travel light, flights to the bush are very strict about weight. 
  • Check with the agency luggage weight, size allowance for internal flights.
  • Some Agencies usually book a spare seat on internal flights for photo-equipment.
  • Soft Luggage Bags only allowed on small planes - no frames.
  • Some companies have a supply of soft canvas bags at reasonable prices.
  • Some companies have storage facilities for heavy luggage at main airports.
  • Bring a towel to wrap cameras in during sandstorms or in places with high humidity.
  • Most lodges welcome old shoes or clothing for the staff. 
  • Extra phone batteries are an asset as electricity can be in short supply.
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