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From Rio, we took a budget flight that we thought would never lift into the air, but it did and popped over to Buenos Aires. It’s a good idea, dead handy and reasonable. Stayed in a lovely apartment in Recoleta. Had the fillet steak, the grilled steak, the charcoal steak….and did not dare forget to leave the blessed tip for the staff! Pending being chased all the way home! 

A comprehensive tour of the city is advisable and don't be surprised if all you hear is: just like Paris, by Paris architects, just as you see in Paris...But it is a nice city if you like Paris…

When we arrived at the airport cash machines were empty, the passport officer hassled us, and tipping was demanded every step of the way! 


  • Plenty to buy, especially leather
  • Tip, Leave Tip, Don't forget the Tip, Make sure you Tip if you don't want to Tip...Run
  • NOTE: there are two airports. One is close to the city and a second far away, Double Check!
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