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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (Journeys)


Ethiopian Airlines has several flights from Europe to Addis Ababa and on to Madagascar. They also have a lot of flights within Madagascar An ideal opportunity to visit Addis. 

Addis is a busy and noisy city. Very old cars, basically wrecks, are causing serious pollution. 

Addis’ Merkato is something not to be missed. It is very important to hire a guide, I contacted and hired Joseph for the day. He was fantastic and the visit to the Merkato went smoothly and very successfully from the photography point of view.

The Mercato is a photographer’s paradise and gives a very good idea of life behind the scenes.

I had intended visiting Lalibela, with its 8 buried monolithic churches, but it involved a short flight, an overnight, and another short flight back. Ellen Nirayo from would have organized the entire trip including flights.

I could have gone on a day trip to the prehistoric archaeological site of Melka Kunture and Tiya Park or gone North West of Addis or gone 105km North West of Addis to the Monastery of Debrelibanos and to the Blue Nile Portuguese Bridge Gorge but decided to leave it for another time.

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