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Yucatan, Mexico (Journeys)

Travel with me to a peninsula of abundance.


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Yucatan, Mexico - 2017


As I said, it was about fun and not about photos, but…I still managed a few. Sites were so crowded it was next to impossible to take anything. My Nikon d500 started to slow down. Very worrying. It was all down to a Fujifilm card, my camera doesn’t like fujifilm! 


Walking up to San Cristobal Cathedral joining Mayan children in the procession 

 The trip through Yucatan was organized by GAdventures, through Trailfinders.

Praya del Carmen is very colorful with a touch of the Spanish Coast. 

Chichen Itza the most famous of the Mayan sites, was beautiful but full of noisy stalls. Almost impossible to photograph.If carrying a tripod a charge of up to US$ 100 may apply.