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In India I did regret not having a good camera, just to be able to show what it was all about! India was one of the few “formal” trips. On the usual trail, but it was a spiritual trip. An experience in a lifetime. It does make you wonder what life is all about. 

SANSKRITI TOURS - India Heritage Tours & Travels Agency organized an excellent Golden Triangle tour of India. 

An extension to Varanasi a MUST. At sunset, hundreds of boats fill the Gange to light candles, lanterns. Chanting can be heard along the river and bonfires are lit for cremations. Our Hotel was an old Fortress right on the shore. Reachable only by boat.

Delhi Jaipur, Agra majestic. Life out in the street is an eye-opener. Be prepared for the worst. Dead bodies are left at the side of the road for collection.





Despite the 1billion inhabitants, young men insist they find it hard to meet girls!!! Mother will find them the right bride. 

Up to 60 million sandal-wood trees are felled every year for cremation. Tons of ashes are discharged into the rivers. & million Hindu die every year and consume 200 kg (ab.US$2000) of wood each for cremation. What if there isn’t enough wood??? Long bamboo canes are used to crush the burning skull to let the spirit escape. Some cover their face with the ashes of their beloved.

Goats go around wearing polo-necks! Boars roam the streets and cows get the royal treatment!


  • Twin bedrooms can be hard to get especially in old Indian Hotels. 
  • Go early to the Taj Mahal as it gets busy, or you may not get to sit on Lady Di’s bench!
  • You may have to pay for taking pictures. Mind your camera.
  • People believe that taking a photo of them takes their spirit away
  • No toilets anywhere to be seen. Just as well.
  • We were told to drink Coke to keep tummy safe, and it worked. 
  • Bring plenty of Sanitizers
  • Go with a good agency and only in good hotels. Good hotels have tight security.
  • All over Asia it is customary to have a special dinner in hotels for Christmas. A rip-off.