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Vietnam was a very short trip. Took a few pictures with my fancy new phone generation  2012!

Ho Chi Min, i.e. Saigon, is very French.  Plenty of restaurants, cafes, boutiques and the Mekong floating market interesting. Not as beautiful as the one in Thailand. If I were to go to that area again I would go overnight on a boat in the Mekong Delta to see first hand the early morning floating market. I believe it’s the real thing.

Halong Bay is far from the city of Hanoi. Apparently spending a night on one of the laguna’s island can turn into a nightmare as motorcyclists race at night, all night! Quieter on the boat, an odd rat permitting...


  • Hanoi’s old trade center a maze.
  • Watch your wallet and keep cards safe.
  • Hotels were a nightmare and so was sewage.
  • TB might be still rampant in the country, especially in Hanoi.
  • Every household has a pond for the ducks, so be prepared to eat lots of duck.
  • On the way to Halong tours stop in an Orphanage, and you are expected to buy goods.
  • Hanoi can be quite polluted. Sand dust, smoke.
  • Restaurants around the lake in Hanoi city can be expensive.